Protecting our oceans

Over the past 5 years, the interest for the protection of the oceans has tripled. While plastic pollution remains the top issue in advertising campaigns, other intertwined aspects such as overfishing, dead zones and loss of biodiversity have made their appearance. Some topics have been overtaken by brands for their CSR communication, but NGOs remain the true actors in ocean protection communication, with over 75% of these campaigns being from Surfrider Foundation, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Greenpeace and the WWF.

Notably, 2018 was the year the Cannes Lions introduced the Sustainability Grand Prix, revealing a clear new direction for the festival and the creative advertising industry as a whole. The Palau Campaign (displayed above) was the first Sustainability Grand Prix and was recognised by Maher Nasser, UN Director of the Outreach Division, as a game changing campaign.



in the number of campaigns about protecting the oceans between 2005 and 2020

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