Protecting and empowering women: advertising joins
the fight

When over 400 advertisers from 74 countries speak up about violence against women, it shows a need for change.

The amount of campaigns speaking up about domestic violence, sex trafficking, educating about consent, equality and celebrating the autonomy and empowerment of women have exploded since 2013, marking a true change in the perception of urgency around these issues. 2013 can be identified as a turning point, sparking discussion around rape culture, as well as through Malala’s iconic speech at the United Nations after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, who spoke up against womendirected violences and about the importance of education. Another bump of campaigns for women can be observed after the major disruption that was the #MeToo movement, which exploded in 2017.



in the number of campaigns promoting gender equality and preventing violence against women between 2006 and 2020

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